Why is it necessary to have life insurance - What is insurance

 Hello friends, welcome to all of you very much, in today's new post, today's post, we will learn and know what is insurance and what are the types of insurance. If you want then this post is especially for you.

What is insurance ?

 Insurance is the only plan to deal with the possibility of any kind of loss in the future, you can call it a kind of weapon to compensate for future losses.

 We do not know what will happen tomorrow and what is going to happen. For this reason, through the insurance policy, we try to compensate for the loss due to future events.

Similarly, if a house, vehicle, or smart phone is insured by the insurance company, then the insurance company gives compensation to its owner according to the condition fixed in case of breakage, loss or damage of any kind.  Is.

What are the types of insurance?

 Insurance is generally of two types:-

 (i) Life Insurance,

 (ii) General Insurance.

(i) Life Insurance :-

Under life insurance, there is life insurance of a person's life, if the person who buys insurance from the life insurance policy dies due to some reason, then the dependent of his family is entitled to the insurance company. gives compensation from.

Why is it necessary to have life insurance?

 Somehow, if the head of someone's family dies untimely, then at that time that family has to face a lot of sorrow as well as many kinds of difficulties, in such a situation it becomes difficult for someone to run the household expenses. It is necessary to get insurance done, due to which life insurance company is very helpful to deal with the financial crisis. For this reason, maximum suggestions are given to any person to get life insurance first.

(i) General Insurance :-

 General insurance includes health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, crop insurance etc.

health insurance :-

 In today's time, the cost of treatment is increasing very fast. By taking health insurance, the insurance policy company gives the amount of treatment to the sick person for the treatment of the sick person. The amount received for the treatment depends on the insurance policy.

vehicle insurance :-

 According to the rules of the Government of India, it is mandatory to get insurance for every vehicle running on the road, if you drive a vehicle without insurance, then the traffic police catches you, then you can be fined if any vehicle is stolen or an accident happens. There is any damage in it, the insurance company compensates for it, you get maximum benefit from insurance when there is any kind of damage to the vehicle of the person riding the vehicle during the road accident or the owner of the vehicle dies. At that time caste gets more benefit from the insurance company.

Home Insurance :-

 By getting home insurance from the insurance company, the owner who buys the home insurance policy on behalf of the insurance company gets compensation from the side of financial crisis in case of theft, fire or any kind of loss of large amount in the house.

Crop Insurance :-

 If the farmer insures his crop with the insurance policy company, then there is some kind of damage to the crop like :- fire, theft of the crop, for this damage, the insurance policy company gives compensation to the farmer for his crop.

Last word :-

 I hope you have liked reading this post and got your information about insurance, if you face any kind of problem related to insurance, you can ask by commenting in the comments box.

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